Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Accomplishment! Has anyone ever give this word a serious thought. In life, whatever we do, we talk about accomplishment.

We grow up. We spent half of our life studying..eventually being "certified" as fit to work. We found a job...we considered it a dream job (at least for the start)...we strive hard..we move up the corporate ladder...managed to recieve a pay package we considered good (at least enough to feed ourselves?) - CONGRATUALATIONS! WE ACCOMPLISHED IN CAREER!?????

What about in marriage? Yes! Marriage. Do we link marriage with accomplishment? Yes, I think at least we should. We have to!

Have you ever wonder why do you want to get married? Peer pressure? Wanted a shoulder to lean on? Escape from shit? Wanted a more pleasant life? Wanted to spend the rest of your life with the true love that you found? Did you managed to get what you want - did you accomplish or have you landed yourself somewhere worst?

Pardon me if I am wrong. I have seen too many incidents where the girls, first dreaming of sharing her life with someone who they claimed they love and ended up in a deep shit. She is sharing her hard earned $$ with her loved, contributing to HIS car installment, THEIR household expenses, THEIR home loans.....etc etc..etc. Ya, there she is....almost suffocating.....piggy bagging her loved and completely forgotten the reason for her to get married.

So girls, why not take a little time besides working hard to earn the $$ to feed your true love, sit down and think back, "Why do I want to get married?" "Is that really the true love that I have been searching throughout my life?" "Have I accomplished in marriage?"

And Guys, besides spending time enjoying the 'fruits' of what your wife is earning with all her mights, why not ask yourself "Where is my dignity?"


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