Friday, October 27, 2006


Finally..... I realise what I have always been believing is not true! Go to hell with loyalty! This word would definitely be erased from my dictionary forever...........

Loyalty is not worth a cent more... not at all! My sincere advice to all those out there.....please do not stay on a job for more than 3 years.... hop when you not feel guilty at all. Move on and you will see a brighter future ahead...for me! If you stay on a job for too will eventually become a liability to the company even thou you must have been an asset for many years! Your company will soon to tell you that you have already hit the it salary or corporate title that you are holding, and they conveniently forgetton that you earned all that due to your contributions to the company.

So, all those out there, please MOVE ON IF YOU COULD! May god bless all those who decide to continue to believe in loyalty.


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